Saturday, February 23, 2013

Behind the scenes from a recent photoshoot

This is Dot- the preview pug. Seeing as there's been a manadatory dot shot for every photoshoot we do-my partner suggested we use her as a preview for a forthcoming post on my makeup artist blog.
So, from this we get Dot the preview pug. 

I took these photo's whilst milling behind the scenes at my classmate's vicki's make up shoot, Nelya is the beautiful model of course.

I hope we have one of these poses from the proper camera, i really like this image.

  Setting up- a learning experience!

 Vicki's Lace eyes-aren't they beautiful!

When Vicki took this  dress out of the car [encased in it's own protective wardrobe no less] - I was squeeing, it's the pouffiest, girliest confection of a dress I have ever seen. While setting up to do some above shots I couldn't believe how much dress we had to work with, and how fantastical it is! 

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