Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beauty Makeup Applications

Just some basic beauty makeups, and some fun photo's-nothing professional or serious, they're just for reference shots for paintings so my model isn't styled clothes wise : )

With a wig & some bunny ears to use as  reference shots for a painting

 A duo of sexy smokey eye Looks

Added a wig with the second one! Infact the wigs were flying for the second look.

I needed some photo's for reference shots for my paintings. I wanted a white rabbit girl with long hair holding a rabbit, and a steampunk one with bunnies, too!
The black bunny photo's didn't turn out so well, brer rabbit was being a bit of a prima donna

Also Dot got in on this, of course.
She even had goggles.

They're unfinished as photo's obviously, I just needed the model/poses-going to add in the clothes my budget couldn't afford ; ]

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