Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vintage Recreations-Pre 1900's Marie Antoinette themed - Eighteenth Century Makeup

It's a very simple look to replicate-
I mixed from my Maqpro palatte a tea rose with a cool beige base, did a small bit of definition on the eyes -contoured the socket with a stila matte brown, over a bone MUD base and used a MUD cream mascara brushed through the lashes,  with some Kryolan red lake on the cheeks overlayed with a pink blush and a pink art deco lipstick "demoiselle" with a pink lliner

I tried a red lip beforehand & rouged cheeks but thought it was too ageing on the model so switched to Art Deco Art Couture Lipstick Velvet in 645 Demoiselle by Dita von Teese & overlayed with a pink blush.
The outfit were loaners, and the props were my own. I know-Byron came much later, but the book suited the dress beautifully.

If anyone is interested in a breakdown of products and tools used/facechart I can post them.

Style of the Look
A Pre 1900’s look- Eighteenth Century
Eighteenth century make up, in particular the Rococo Make-up favoured by the court of Marie Antoinette & championed by Madame du Pompadour was pale and stark. Paleface reigns here, creating a complete makeup look with the addition of some rouge for cheeks & lips. A “natural” (for the time) look, as pale was the fashion- with very little cosmetic enhancement otherwise. Small scraps of satin and velvet in star shapes etc became popular as beauty marks & to hide pox scars.

Inspiration for the Look
The Rococo style came out of 18th century Europe. It began as a decorating movement that emphasized curving lines and ornamentation, but it soon crossed over into fashion and became a way of life. Embraced by fashionistas like Madame de Pompadour, Rococo affected architecture, decor, fashion and art. 
The look was very feminine with soft lines, pastel colors and high levels of ornamentation. Romance was abundant with putti’s & cupid flying about, 

Again, regarding the specific cosmetology- the Eighteenth century was very plain in terms of makeup by today’s standards, whiteface with the barest minimum of rouge was the look du jour. Anything more was considered vulgar and not something a respectable woman would aim for. Both men and women wore beautiful sculptural wigs that had elaborate styling and were heavily powdered.

The Rococo era in a modern context and its resonance today
John Galliano's Fall 2007 Dior Couture collection of course springs to mind many of the ideals from the Rococo period. Elements also reference the Victorian era and from  the 1947 New Look from Dior, the Rococo spirit is very clear. 

The film “ Marie Antoinette” by cult director Sofia Copolla (her third feature length film)  has spurred on an entire generation of girls for their love of Rococo, armed with lady Antonia frazers “Marie Antoinette;the journey” they can be seen on etsy, pinterest and instagram, crafting and making elabourate gowns, wigs,hairstyles and accessories in the style of the rococo, or even just adorning their rooms in a diy version of lavish rococo style décor.

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