Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Show Spring 2013

Based on the Snow Queen, the look has a Katiy Perry vibe, like in the ET video.
The below are the test images from earlier in the month.

My model was beautiful, with flawless skin and generous features. I worked on her face as the hairdresser worked on her hair until lunch. I adhered to health & safety regulations, I used my kit hygienically, scraping down my product onto the palatte, having all pencils pared in advance, new disposables at the ready such as mascara wands, false lashes, lip applicators and latex sponges for stippling foundation with etc. All my brushes were washed and dried the night before, then sterilised in 99 percent Isopropyl alcohol.

Base I used the Kryolan  lightest colour mixed with wb2 and some green corrector as a base,powdering heavily after smashbox photofinish foundation.
Eyebrow blocking I then blocked out her eyebrows using mastix pressed down heavily followed by and mixing an orange kryolan stipping it, then powdering it and applying the “foundation” colour I made. I redrew them on with a curlique to the ends, curling them up like delicate horns using ud height, following on with a glitter gel liner in aqua.
Cheek I used the white on the cheek are for contouring.
For the eye I used the bone colour as a base shade. The eyebrows were made using the urban decay shade called height, I used an aqua colour for the eye shading,first then deepening it with the height and drawing it out in 2 ticks in the corner using tissue as a template.
I used mac frost for the highlighted area on the browbone and spread out beneath the eye, also for the middle of the upper lid as a highlight, and for the contouring on the cheek shape.
I then added black liner on the upper lids, mascara to both lids and jagged false eyelashes in black.
I added white eye pencil in between the two ticks and 3 aqua stars at the outer corner of each eye. As well as highlighting it with an aqua glitter liner.

Lips I powdered again before applying a lancome lipgloss in white grace over the foundation covered lips.

-On the day itself I added a glittery lip using blue filled in lips gone over in mastix/glitter, extended the make up out past her temples & contoured her decollete in blue with some body shimmmer in white.

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