Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vintage Recreations-Post 1900's 50's themed make up

My take on the 1950's.
 Worked with a photographer and a hairdresser on the following 3 different looks.
My model Nelly was excellent.

A 1950's Day Look. I love the serving bowl- it's part of a beautiful sugary pink set I picked up while my partner was photographing a wedding in Crief, Scotland. Collecting Vintage Kitchenware= my shoes ever since I hurt my back and can't walk in heels!

Style of the Look
A Post 1900’s look- 1950’s
I chose this look to evoke the glamour of the 1950’s and tried to impart a touch of softness with my styling as well using a copy of the famous Marilyn Monroe white dress, furs & a real white rabbit to signify innocence. I wanted to impart a contemplative, quiet moment in the life of a 1950’s young starlet. My model is very beautiful, and I often found the overall effect of the 1950’s starlet is something you cannot quite put your finger on, a natural beauty, a decadent style & a vulnerability that movie stars of today cannot touch.
Pastels ruled in this decade, pale pinks, greens, blues and yellows, and if ever there was a color that showcased an era, it was the color pink for the 1950s. Audrey Hepburn once claimed that she ‘ believed in pink !’  Peaches and cream and pink hues all call to mind the 1950s, both in feminine decor, dress and make-up rouge.
It was pinks, purple-reds, and orange-reds which took centre stage in the 1950s. beauty books of the era spent pages and pages advising women on what make-up to wear, for what times of the day, and with with which costumes. The art was known as Color Keying, which is still used today by video directors.
For my look I chose a very glamourous look heavily shaded in with various pink hues-there are pinks in the contouring-a pearl pick me up by everyday minerals that I believe is now discontinuted, the lips are a gosh Barbie toned hue, the blush is a lightly applied smashbox pink, the eyes have coral on the lids, pinky brown to the socket from a stila palatte & a cream to the brow, with heavy highlighting of the inner corner of the eye from a snowy white tkb trading pigment.

But of course, I had to try a red, red lip! It's quintessentially 40's but it's so glamorous.
I used art deco's maitresse from the dita von teese range.

And Dot helped ; )

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