Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Autumn is coming

from Kim Annabella.

Most people have an inspiriation board, I keep a wall.

Hoping to incorporate inspiration from my life into my autumn palette.

Doodling deer in my moleskine, my Partner & I at the wedding, Best Macaroon in Dundee.

 Deer, I am working on a new series of local spots of beauty, incorporation these beautiful creatures
 BOOKS! My favourite is the Nineteeth century Illustrated Byron, with original Plates.
 Everywhere I go I seek out old Ladybirds.
My small gemstone collection

Been out at Castles, and in forests and nature, seeking out inspiration and things to paint.
I am very happy about these tree's as they are for a painting diptych i am entering into RHA show next year.

(Stuart loves his candids, this is one of the few photo's of me I like, because I am not aware that it was being taken and am just doing my own thing photographing the woods.)

Things that inspire me lately; Gemstones, Old Ladybird books, My shelf of blue books that king robin is guarding, my partner, the pugs -always, bunnies, swans, castles & forests, pink curls & pretty girls.

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