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Embarking upon a year of Makeup Artistry


Hi, I’m Kim Annabella, a Pink haired Irish Archaeologist, Artist, Art Historian, Pug Lover & Bellydance Tutor and this is not your usual Makeup Blog, filled with reviews and tutorials and swatches. There are plenty of those to for you to choose from already-the Irish beauty blogger community is thriving and filled with tips,trick and hints on the best makeup buys around and what is hot right now (a quick scout out on twitter using the tags #irishbblogger will point you in the right direction).

Here on this blog however, I shall explore the medium of Make Up as Art. I have recently decided to embark upon a year of studying make up artistry, Why? well I am becoming a make up artist to inform my Art on the canvas and improve my body of work. I paint medium to large scale scene's in acrylic on oil and I work from reference photo's that either I take, or my partner takes in Studio. I initially though of Makeup Artistry as a method of styling my models for these reference shots exactly as I saw them in my minds eye, now I am not so sure. The distinction between the body & art, whether it be on a canvas or on a face have been blurred for me, deliciously so.  

I love wandering around galleries, or the portrait galleries of stately homes and seeing how a particular artist handled a portrait-the depth, line, shade, tone and sharpness they gave to emphasise a person's features. The almost imperceptible highlight or tint above a lip, a bluish line to indicate a delicate vein on the temple, a darkening of rouge in the centre of a lip to add depth -all combine together to give a three dimensionality to an otherwise 2 dimensional plane. I personally believe looking at paintings is a good way to learn how to make up a face.
For more information about my Art,  you can visit my site; or email me kimannabella [@] gmail . com
I have been lately becoming interested in Traditional Oil Portrait Painting, a natural progression from my earlier love of Pop Surrealism and the Low Brow Art movements. In having read some antiquarian books on the subject by both artists & their students (many of which were helpfully available on gutenberg so I got to read them on my pink ereader)  and books by modern Art Historians on the subject such as Virgil Eliot and am confident that I can replicate the style of painting- 18th century baroque court portraiture specifically, and add a modern twist to them. I have long admired the exquisite handing of women's facial features in such portraiture, years before starting my Art History B.A. and I hope that the two disciplines will demosntrate unique and interesting cross-pollination within my work.
On a recent visit to glamis castle, in Scotland with my Partner-the castle is home to a massive painting collection spanning centuries -my inspiration went wild, I was very enthusiastic to return home and begin to capture the style that I love. 
Taken at Glamis castle
After completing a recent series on the historical theme of "Marie Antoinette"; Petit Trianon and having took all of the reference shots from a posed sitter, I mused at the time "What if I could have had my sitter exactly how I wanted her?" she was posed in a beautiful Lolita dress, with my own pets for some images.

Oh, hindsight. But there were aspects of her that I saw in 17th century portaiture that I wanted to accentuate, enhance and impart, and I am hoping that I can learn to do this through the medium of Make Up. I have studied digital image processing  (as a part of a 1 year uni course) & my partner is a photographer so I am confident I can recreate the look and feel of a seventeenth century portrait to work from as a reference point for those times when I cannot work with a model from life.
Well, to draw this missive to a close- Those are my reasons for embarking upon a professional make up qualification. I am not sure what my audience is for this blog, beyond clearing my head up of the direction in what I want to take this is-but I would be happy to share my thoughts and perhaps help others on their journey, too.
I have 2 up coming art exhibitions, and an Art History lecture left to give, between now and the end of the year as well as 7 or so commissions, and have just had a show in Cavan, Ireland- for information see here so it will be a busy time but I am jumping into this with both feet.

I have this very day purchased my professional kits, my make-up-artist-in-training uniform & my AIT insurance for the year, I start the learning process on 4th of September this year, hopefully confident that I shall do my best to learn all that I can and become a stellar Make Up Artist in the process. 
If you wish to follow my progress online here, or elsewhere, please do so!
Email; kimannabella [@]

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