Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transformation:Male to Female

This Make-up was a lot of fun. I took down his stubble with the orange sponge and an orange colour before base from my supracolor kit before powdering heavily & applying foundation.
I  blocked out the eyebrows first with mastix & nose and scar wax  before applying an OTT beauty makeup, the only real difference between a mtf and a regular beauty make up, I think- is in the contouring.

I highlighted & contoured his entire face with matt contour/highlight powder.
I used my mac strobe to highlight his cupids bow underneath the makeup as well, and I really like this look. I use it on brides, too.

Before processing/editing- 

"Grace Titters" Before;

p.s. I think my friend makes an adorable woman.
Even on my simple point & click camera he looks like a babe!

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