Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Theatrical Makeup-1920's-1980's

From the theatrical module in my makeup Artistry course






These makeup applictions were from the beginning of my Uni Course,  and amongst some of the first photoshoots that I had in Makeup. I wasn't sure how to pose the models, what background to use, or even how to makeup/style them effectively i.e. in a manner that would present a cohesive whole.
 It's quite strange to be able to see progression in my makeup looks, from 9 months ago to now.

 Some of them, like the 1920's looks I took with jackie that I included as the first photoset on here, I still really like-but  in others, for example the 30's one which was rushed, and cobbled together during an open day-although I had the right model for the look- I can see I didn't have the right outfit or the styling is off and they just don't quite fit the era, but such is the learning process. I've redone a few of them, even here on this blog and there is a world of difference between them, mostly it's in adapting the look, whilst maintaining the subtle differences in fashion that each decade ushers in.

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