Thursday, March 7, 2013

Professional Beauty 2013 Product Haul

Professional Beauty is our Trade show in the RDS that happens bi-anually, as a makeup artist I get free entry along with some spare tickets. Basically it's a big excuse for a splurge on beauty items for those in the industry at fantastic markdowns & a way of seeing/trying out what's  new to the market.

Personally I find that it can be a bit hit and miss. Had gone there wanting to get a chair, they didn't have one if you can believe that! No kit boxes either, I wandered about for a little bit looking at brushes- have just ordered MAC brushes from Debenhams and am waiting for them to arrive, durr- had completely forgotten about the trade show, some of the royal brushes are just as good as mac for eg. the foundation/buffer brushes so I was rather sore I hadn't waited to buy brushes at the show.  After looking at a few new product stalls-I just resigned myself to getting  more makeup ; ]

Went crazy at Royal Effem;
Really needed some good foundations for older/normal skin, these came recommended by my tutor. I priced them in the shops at 37.50 each-imagine my surprise when they were marked down to 5 for 10 euro's.

Got some plain matt items for my kit from Cinema Secrets;

Some new brushes  I purchased from royal & langnickels booth- a company where I also get my paintbrushes.

Not pictured are eyelashes I bought for portfolio shots from models own and some eyelure one's  that are for personal wear. I filled in a few gaps in my kit, my spend was under 100 for all the above so  as you can see it's great value. Still  wanting a chair & stuff from that they didn't bring to their stall at the show.

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