Saturday, March 2, 2013

Film Makeup Recreation: A Suckerpunch Babydoll Look

Dotty is ever present during our photoshoots!

Style of the Look

A playful, youthful look inspired by Brigitte Bardot with a splash of Anime characters. A sweet, innocent look but at the same time very fearless. Featuring a heavy 60's eyeliner, long full lashes, nude lips.
Strobe cream is used after priming to provide the wonderful illumination, with a mac cream blush in red applied and powdered on the apples of the cheeks –beneath the foundation to give a rosy cheek, with a final red cheek being applied over the foundation with a fluffy brush. A heavy coverage light coloured foundation and concealer is to be used to provide the extreme pigmentation suitable for photographic work & to provide the full,flawless coverage that compliments the later elements of this look. Shimmer is applied on the high points, and contouring beneath the cheekbones.
Eyeshadows used will be a bone shadow as a base, a taupe shade in the inner corner, along with added contouring in the socket of the eye from the inner to the outer corner with a dark brown. Mac frostbite for the lightest shade on the browbone, a little in the lower inside corner and spread out under the lower lashline with a winged black liner and heavy lashes on the upper lids. The lashes extend subtly beyond the lashes, following the winged liner, giving a doe-eyed appearance.
Lips (with mac’s strobe applied to the cupids bow during the prep & prime) are filled in with a nude pencil then a nude lipstick, with some gloss.

Inspiration for the Look

An interpretation of the make up that the Make up Artist Rosalina Da Silva used on the character  “Babydoll” in the film Suckerpunch, using the beautiful Emily Browning as her model. I must admit it was the flawless make-up that held me transfixed during that film and I missed quite a bit of the plotline in awe of the makeup and mentally recreating them with products that I own.
The film is set in the 60's and the make-up design does a great job of reflecting that. The focus is on Baby Doll's big luscious eyes, keeping to a neutral palette, with strong 60's eyeliner and floaty eyelashes. The makeup artist used several pairs of eyelashes on set to get that wide-eyed look.

Kim Annabella xoxo

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