Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Madmen/Dita Von Teese Inspired "Vintage" Day look

I have decided upon creating a subtle version of Dita Von Teese’s iconic look that I am confident translates to an elegant, rich & effective make up suitable for my client.
I chose a glamorous Dita von Teese look with highly pigmented, full coloured lips and a deep smoky eye as inspiration for this straight corrective makeup because firstly, I adored her recent make up line and debut as the face of  the “ArtDeco” make up brand for the ARTDECO Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage Collection. I have noticed a resurgence of interest in modern with a vintage twist looks within the make up artistry community & note many colour palates inspired by yesteryear are cropping up for sale within the various make up brands; for example the Mid budget range Catrice have released their own line of 1940’s Hollywood glamour in time for A\W ’12 season & other brands such as Shu Uemuera Paloma Faith’s collection are following on the trend. The latest fashions looks are also media influenced, for instance I see a lot of looks modelled after Mad Men characters.If you were to look at all the beautiful ladies from the past Marylin and Betty or the present icons like Dita or Katy Perry it is clear that they appear to wear very little makeup and yet it looks bright and unforgettable, a modern twist on vintage make up for fashionable retro lovers.

I used the red satin lipstick/lipliner from Dita Von Teese's Art Deco line for this, blotted twice & powdered over to tone it down for daywear- I used it before full on for the theatrical 1950's recreation. I adore their lipsticks, the wax is high quality and they are very well pigmented and the packaging is lavish & expensive feeling. It's easy to get red lips wrong, even as a professional but I've done so well with this range, I even feel okay with giving the model/client the lipstick for touch-ups it goes on so well and gives that decadent, lush look.

 Art Deco Red, Red Lips

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