Here on this blog I explore the medium of Make Up as Art. In September 2012 I decided to embark upon a year of studying make up artistry, Why? well I am becoming a make up artist to inform my Art on the canvas and improve my body of work. I paint medium to large scale scene's in acrylic on oil and I work from reference photo's that either I take, or my partner takes in Studio. Before the recession in Ireland I qualified & worked as an Archaeologist and I believe this also informs my art greatly. I initially though of Makeup Artistry as a method of styling my models for these reference shots exactly as I saw them in my minds eye, now I am not so sure. The distinction between the body & art, whether it be on a canvas or on a face have been blurred for me, deliciously so.  

I love wandering around galleries, or the portrait galleries of stately homes and seeing how a particular artist handled a portrait-the depth, line, shade, tone and sharpness they gave to emphasise a person's features. The almost imperceptible highlight or tint above a lip, a bluish line to indicate a delicate vein on the temple, a darkening of rouge in the centre of a lip to add depth and sensuality-all these aspects combine together to give a three dimensionality to an otherwise 2 dimensional plane. I personally believe looking at paintings is a good way to learn how to make up a face.

I am a lecturing, exhibiting Artist who holds an honours BA in the History of Art who qualified & worked as an Archaeologist before the recession hit. My work is in private collections in the United States & Australia. I tutor Art & regularly host an Art Group at my Studio. Prompted by a love of Eighteenth Century Court Artists-I have embarked upon a year long study of Makeup Artistry to better inform my Portraiture. 

Obviously, the paintings themselves are quite a laborious effort compared with the make-ups, which can take from a half hour to three for a full special effect make up- a painting series can take me 6 months or more working flat out!

KimAnnabellaMUA is a place to post up my makeup creations, and to share the tips that I have learned in Makeup Artistry along the way.

Hope you enjoy it!

Kim Annabella xoxo

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